Amazonite Stone Ring

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Amazonite Stone Ring

Amazonite stands for intuition, communication & calming

Amazonite opens and heals the chakra of the heart and throat, which helps to improve communication, especially in setting boundaries in relationships. This crystal activates the intuition and promotes the manifestation of universal love. This precious stone balances the many aspects of the personality and helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. By reducing stress, anxiety and fear, Amazonite calms the brain and nervous system. 



  • 925 Silver ring
  • Natural stone with base in 18 carats 1 micron Gold
  • Every purchase comes with a cotton bag to keep your ring safe


  • EU size 54/56
  • Inside ring measurements 17,25 -17,85 mm
  • The ring size is slightly adjustable


To ensure their shine over time we recommend avoiding contact with corrosive agents such as perfume, creams or salt water. 

All our creations are manufactured, assembled and shaped by hand by artisans in our workshops. The stones we choose are unique, like you, which is why they may have slight variations in shape, color, appearance, or natural inclusions.

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