ONE necklace - Larimar


Each ONE is beautifully handcrafted with love. All necklaces are unique and every stone has its own healing property.

Product details:Handmade with gemstones

  • Handmade with gemstones
  • 45cm length
  • Every purchase comes with a cotton bag to keep your necklace safe

Larimar promotes clear communication, inner wisdom & balance

When it comes to spirituality, Larimar is laced with heavenly vibes. This beautiful blue stone works across all the upper chakras. While primarily it is dubbed a throat chakra stone thanks to its soft ocean colored energy, it is also a solid companion for the heart chakra, the third eye, and the crown chakra too. Having a clear line of energy running from the heart right up to the crown will work wonders on your sense of love, trust, wisdom, communication, and communion with higher beings. When our heart is clear it informs our voice which means that we speak from the core of our being. When we feel heard we can rely upon our own sense of infinite wisdom and to see further. When we can love deeply, trust without fear, speak freely, and rely on our own knowledge, we have all that we need to crack open our crowns and connect with higher beings. Its healing powers can also help you connect to the divine feminine and to find your flow.


To ensure their shine over time we recommend avoiding contact with corrosive agents such as perfume, creams or salt water. 

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