ONE necklace - Malachite


Only 1 piece in stock!

Each ONE is beautifully handcrafted with love. All necklaces are unique and every stone has its own healing property.

Product details:

  • Handmade with gemstones
  • 45cm length
  • Every purchase comes with a cotton bag to keep your necklace safe

Malachite stands for balance, positive transformation & emotional healing

Malachite is known as the stone of transformation, it helps bring energy and focus to new growth. This crystal helps remove emotional blockages and open your heart to new experiences and new relationships. Malachite serves as a guardian of the heart, whether it's closed to heal emotional wounds or open to new love, Malachite is on guard, allowing its healing energy to flow through your heart chakras and giving you a new sense of vitality and spiritual renewal. This crystal works as a mood stabiliser by neutralising any toxic energy in your world, guarding your spirit against any outside negativity and returning you to a state of positivity.


To ensure their shine over time we recommend avoiding contact with corrosive agents such as perfume, creams or salt water. 

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